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Prepare Yourself:

Wash yourself with showers of blessings, giving more attention to the drops of grace, mist of happiness, dew of a clean mind and fresh outlook. Then dry yourself with the rays of joy, smiling from the heart of your soul.

If you find that you or your company needs project management, lean six sigma, mediation or coaching assistance, prepare yourself for this consulting by investigating these types of services before you engage a consultant. Open your thought to your present state of operation, look for what you think may be contributing to the need for this service, then make a list of these items for discusion.  In this way you'll at the very least, be it me or someone else with the needed skillsets, to formulate a strategy towards the needed services.

Ninty percent of resolving any issue or process is understanding and recognizing the contributing elements to the process. Sixty percent of which is rooted in communications between the various members involved. Thirty percent will lie in the resulting impacts and reactions to that communications process. In many cases the solutions will come in helping your team members to accomplish their due diligence. Ten percent will lie in some form of material or physical change.